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A little about me:

My name is Samantha Hebert. I trained as a theatre Actor and Dancer.  I gained my Performing Arts Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.P.A) in 2002, before which I was a jobbing Actor and children’s Entertainer.  I gained a wealth of experience, touring with theatre and ‘TIE’ companies around England and on P&O ships. I then moved into facilitating and managing successful educational and community performing arts projects, with my own company ‘Little Big One Theatre’ and in partnership with West End & London Theatres and schools.  

I have:

  • A proven track record as a ‘Community Theatre Practitioner’, delivering quality productions and motivational education programmes. 

  • Ability to provide support and guidance to Performing Arts Students.

  • Creative and innovative approach to designing bespoke training and educational projects.


A little about me:

My name is Chiazor Anomi.  I am presently a student of the Master's program "Learning and communication in multicultural and multilingual contexts" at the University of Luxembourg. I have interest in Formal and informal education. I have a passion for languages, communication and child development

I love to bring excitement into Education by learning through games, plays and social activities. I have great experience with children of all ages and organizing stimulating activities for children. I encourage flexibility in learning environment.


It is important to teach children morals through social etiquette and life skills. 

The number 1 golden rule of etiquette: "Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you."  Theatre also helps children to be more creative and innovative.



To help children develop their listening and speaking skills;

To enable children to enhance their creativity and negotiation skills;


Theater/drama is a valuable conduit for children to explore the endless possibilities of their imagination and what they can do.

Our Program also includes:

- Teaching vocals: how to imitate a character, we conduct small role-playing games with peers or alone;

- Learning the basics of animation through Stop Motion: animation of lifeless objects, shooting short films.

Ms. Inese Gadiga

President of ASBL

"and Be You"

Ms. Samantha Hebert

Theatre Department Manager

Teacher - Theatre/Drama

Ms. Chiazor Odiaka

Teacher - Theatre/Drama

+352 661 207 997

+352 661 599 961

+352 661 364 964

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