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Dance Classes

Age groups: starting from age 6 till .... adults

We speak: English, French, Luxembourgish, German


                Saturdays at 12:30 - 14:00 (8 - 13 years): CONTEMPORARY, Luxembourg 

                Sundays at 12:00 - 13:30 (6 - 9 years): CONTEMPORARY, at 22 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg (1st floor) 

                Sundays at 13:30 - 14:30 (6 - 9 years): HIP HOP, at 22 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg (1st floor)

                Sundays at 14:30 - 16:00 (13+ / adults): HIP HOP, at 22 rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg (1st floor)


“Dancing is a passion”


School "Dance & Be You" brings together dancers who love to dance and express themselves through dance, encouraging them to believe in their passion and find meaning in their daily lives.


The personal growth and development of the dancer is important to us. The dance itself is often an explicit verbal message that is often associated with the words or instruments of the music. With the help of dance, we want to show children and adults the meaning of one of the ways of life, faith and existence in this world.


Music affects the way we perceive things around us and influences human behaviour. Music can heighten negative or positive emotions in people. By listening to inspiring and positive music, we have a positive effect on our emotions and promote healthy values. In our classes, we only use music with a positive message based on Christian values. Dance is considered a powerful means of communication and learning:

"Dance can reach people without words."

We organise themed events:

 * local and international dance camps,

* intensive dance trainings * masterclasses and workshop * thematic events etc.


Various dance styles can be studied at our dance school, such as:

Hip Hop, RnB, House, Street Dance, FreeStyle, Contemporary dance, Classical, Jazz, Afro etc.


Dance helps develop emotional intelligence. The coordination that develops in dance classes affects consciousness and emotional intelligence, develops the ability to feel and recognise the feelings of other people. We can say that as a result of training, developing a sense of balance in the body, people find balance in the soul.

Dance lessons are not only a beautiful pastime, but also help to maintain good physical shape, get rid of stress, develop dexterity, grace, and rhythm. Dancing releases endorphins that help maintain a positive mood, so the dancers are cheerful and very energetic.


Dancers have very well developed peripheral (lateral) vision, they see well what is happening from the side, without turning their heads. Professional dancers are first and foremost athletes, because they, like basketball players and swimmers, need strength training. They train almost daily to develop flexibility, strength and endurance.


Dancing improves the flexibility of the joints and spine, increases vitality, improves metabolism, the body recovers. When mastering new elements of dance, the brain and nervous system are activated, so we can say that movements contribute to the development of the brain. Recent studies show that it is not people with high IQ who achieve their goals, but those with high levels of emotional intelligence who are inspired by dancing.

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