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 A little about me:

My name is Nawel Rehhab. I am a professional coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics from France. From 2017 I worked as a professional coach in France and Luxembourg. In my Rhythmic gymnastics classes, gymnasts learn how to perform on a floor with different apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon, rope, etc. I combine elements of gymnastics, dance, and calisthenics; gymnasts train to be strong, flexible, agile, nimble, and coordinated.
Long-term goals would be perfecting routines and participating in competitions. At the beginning of the season, short-term goals would be learning body and apparatus skills. Intermediate goals would be combining the apparatus skills with body movements in sequences from the competitive routines.


I have:

- Experience in teaching gymnastics from beginner to advanced level
- Demonstration knowledge of proper gymnastics form and techniques
- Excellent communication skills and a passion for working with young children


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