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Dance styles

Hip Hop

Hip-hop dances include dance styles such as breaking, popping, locking and freestyle elements. Various movements, jumps, breaks and spins are combined so that this style of dance becomes informal and explosive



House is a club dance that is performed at a fast pace. It is a unique style of performance, which is mainly manifested in smooth body movements and dynamic leg action.



Everything is based on classical dance, which develops body balance, stability, plasticity and trains endurance. Classical dance develops flexibility of the legs and hips, flexibility of the back, coordination of movements of the legs and arms, forms postures, arms and legs.



Contemporary dance blends elements of multiple dance styles and lets dancers express emotionality through movements and breath. Learn about the importance of contemporary dance as an art form through a brief exploration of its history, influences, and techniques.


Aerobics improves heart and lung function and strengthens muscles to improve physical shape.

Regular aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, helps keep cholesterol levels within normal limits, tones muscles and burns fat and calories.



Rhythmics are a set of rhythm features and a system of exercises that are usually accompanied by music. It is cultivating a sense of rhythm. Rhythm lessons use rhythm, dance and movement exercises.

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