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 A little about me:

My name is Florencia Denise Pujol. In 2012 I obtained my First Certificate in English from Cambridge and later worked in Northfield School as an English kindergarten teacher. Later in 2014, at Instituto Cultural Inglesa. In 2015 gained my Bachelor in Interior Design after 4 years of study at Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. During that time, I did an internship of architecture d’interieur in Paris at Ecole Camondo where I learned French language and French design. I have trained in singing lessons and being leading the music in Buenos Aires until 2016. In Luxembourg, since 2019, I have been working a lot with children and teenagers in a Christian organisation and giving them also music lessons.

 I have:

  • First Aid training course in 2016 

  • Wide experience working with children and teenagers in artistic, linguistic and entertainment activities.

  • A creative and innovative personality that I developed in my studies of art and music as well as my work as designer and teacher.

Ms. Inese Gadiga

Ms. Florencia Denise Pujol

President of ASBL

"and Be You"


Head of Art Department

Art teacher

+352 621 659 839


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