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Theatre/Drama Classes


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Regular DRAMA classes: with teacher Samantha

We speak: only English

Dates:  on Thursdays (age 12-16) at 16:30 - 18:00 & on Saturdays (age 6-8) at 12:30 - 13:30, (age 9-12) at 14:00 - 15:30

Address: "Centre Culturel Am Duerf", 8 rue du Village, L-6140, Junglinster


In cooperation with asbl "And Be You -Theatre and Dance" in Junglinster (matricule No: F13832)

“Find your voice”


Finding your voice is a drama project for primary school children to increase the child’s confidence and positive communication skill when speaking in class, among their peers, as well as speaking to Teachers and other adults of which they may be within contact.  The project will introduce acting and performing arts techniques providing a safe environment for the children to explore theatre and drama, with the following aims.



1: To speak with confidence in a range of contexts, adapting their speech for different purposes and audiences.

2: To listen, understand, and respond appropriately to others.

3: To talk effectively as members of a group.

4: To understand how language varies.

5: To participate in a wide range of drama activities and to evaluate their own and others’ contributions.

6: To introduce stage craft and theatre vocabulary.

7: To rehearse and bring together a work in progress performance to be shown to Parents Teachers and students.



1. Mime:  connecting and communicating with each other without words.

2. What’s your point: the children learn Debating skills through role play.

3. Body Talk: Conversing with your body. Mask technique.

4. I can’t hear you: Vocal technique, tone and projection.

5. ‘You talking to me’: Observing personal behaviour. Understanding status in theatre.

6. Respect: Introducing forum Theatre and resolving issues.

7. Speaking Hands: Universal sign language.

8. In Black and white: Devised script writing.


This will be a tremendous bonding experience for the children, who will come away with sound basic theatre skill and positive communication skills. Which will be useful in the wider school environment. And will carry them into their work life. This project will give the children the opportunity to perform a rehearsed piece of theatre in front of an audience.  Completion of this experience will raise the confidence and self esteem of the children who take part and leaving them with a sense of wellbeing.

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